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Young Parents – Pros & Cons

Marriage well in itself is a heavy word and we will get to see that in today’s article. This is a divine relationship is of two souls who have vowed to be with each other throughout the ups and downs of life. This bond should ideally last until your last breath but in today’s time the definition of marriage has completely changed specifically due to higher qualifications, higher expectations and also because of excessive self love and a selfish attitude. Yes it starts with a lovey dovey relationship which occurs to be very cute and adorable but that is just the start and the latter journey completely relies on the choices the couples make, their strength to withstand tough times and most importantly their readiness towards adjustment and sacrifices. In the end no marriage is without conflict because two individuals can never be the same. There are couples who marry and have their baby at a very early age but the question of is it right or wrong does not arise because it completely depends on the couple and the choices they want to make in their life.

The good thing with young parents is that they are full of energy and it is easier to take care of your baby when your body is up for it. Young parents can relate with their childhood experiences much more than older parents at that stage of their life is still fresh in their minds and putting themselves in their baby’s shoes is less challenging. Understanding and relating with your baby becomes quite easier. Young parents tend to be responsible and attain maturity at a very early stage in their lives as they are the role models for their children and hence forced to grow up at a faster pace. Enjoying little things in life can also turn out to be a very new and fun filled experience. The most important aspect is your support system. At a young age there will be so many people around to help you take care of your child like friends and family. During this period your child will be encircled with people who love them as well as can devote time for them. Not only this, young parents have a plus point that they can be adaptable and find it easier to deal with changes while nurturing their child also another advantage is that when you become parents at an early age you will still be fairly young when your child is growing up. Love is something that cannot be taught to an individual it is a feeling and strong emotion that rises when you care for a person, want the best for them and also when you are ready to accept his shortcomings because you yourself know that your partner has done the same. Accepting you even though there is a darker side clearly shows that the bond of love has brought them together. While taking care of your child you also realize what true love is at such a tender age, as you yourself are going to influence your child.

The shortfalls that rise when you have a baby at a young age are that you do not have enough maturity, wisdom, sense of responsibility and less experience further complicates this journey. Choosing between what is right for your baby and what is not becomes a hassle as you have not yet reached that point when you know how to handle situations in an efficient manner. Although young parents have a decent income, they are still not completely established and financially may find it a bit hard to take care of all the needs of the baby. Having a baby at an extremely young age like in your teenage years is also medically proven that one is undertaking a huge risk because the body is not completely ready to borne a child. It is 2017 and everyone wants to enjoy their life, live on their own terms and privacy is what today generation demands are. A hasty decision of having a baby whether it is made by the couple or pressure from the family members can both result in regretting, sadness, irritation, mental agony and lack of care and concern towards your baby. What is his fault? Did he pressurize you to bring him in this world? Is he responsible for your hasty decision? Raising a child is not at all easy. It requires commitment, dedication and approval from both sides before getting this little one in the world. Are you ready for this?

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