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Where to Find the Best Baby Cushions

A good cushion will make life more comfortable for both you and your newborn in those early days, not to mention prevent flat head and stop them from rolling on to their front. But it’s important to make sure your little one remains safe as well as snug. For this reason, it pays to be mindful of where you buy your cot accessories.

Whether you decide to shop in store or online, it’s important to choose a reputable supplier and not just the cheapest manufacturer. Most shops selling baby and toddler gear will have a legal obligation to adhere to British safety standards, but be sure to check this before you purchase anything.

Product reviews are important when you’re deciding which accessories to buy for your new arrival, but they often don’t tell the whole story. Take some time to research your chosen supplier, checking to see if they are accredited by reputable sources like the Mother and Baby Awards or Loved by Parents – particularly if you’re shopping online.

Once you’re happy with the website or online store you have chosen, it’s time to look through their selection of baby pillows. In this arena, there are generally multiple options to choose from and the amount of choice can be overwhelming at first. If you’re expecting your first child, you may feel especially confused by the different varieties.

Most good baby product suppliers will offer some kind of head positioner to help prevent flat head. These go by many different names and come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the more well known varieties is the Lovenest. You’ll recognise cushion by its telltale heart-shaped design.

These pillows were designed by a French pediatrician to support the head of a newborn and help to shape their skull. The shape provides a slight inclination, which helps to prevent flat head syndrome, otherwise known as plagiocephaly. These cushions are great because they are made with breathable fabric and come in a choice of colours.

This type of pillow provides real support without impeding freedom of movement, so is generally ideal for babies age from birth to four months of age. It’s best to double-check the age specifications with the supplier however, as this can vary between products.

If you’re pregnant, and you’re looking for something that’s going to keep you comfortable right up to the big day and beyond, you might decide to buy a body pillow. 92% of pregnant women report sleeping issues, right from the first trimester to the (slightly more uncomfortable) third, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

To help counteract sleep issues, many women choose to invest in a body pillow to see them through the nights and carry them forward into parenthood. These designs are great because they can be used to support you and your baby during feeding and can be moved and manipulated to accommodate a number of different positions.

Look out for something made from memory foam, as this will provide the most comfort and support. The best varieties will offer multiple shapes to help support a number of sleeping and resting positions, and some will even fold away neatly after use.

If you’re looking for something that’s going to last for the first six months of your child’s life, a Cosydream pillow is another great option. This type of pillow helps your baby to sleep safely and comfortably and can be transported from crib to carrycot or any other flat surface. Look for something made from breathable materials so it can be used overnight.

Whichever pillow you decide to go for, make sure you’re being offered a lifetime guarantee when you opt to buy through your chosen supplier. This will mean that if at any point you’re dissatisfied with your product, you can return it.

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