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What Do I Need in My Diaper Bag?

Work done by other people sounds easy but ever thought how hard it can be to take care of a new born who sleeps 20 hours a day? Being a mother is not a piece of cake. You need to take care of a lot many things than you have ever thought. The little munchkins require extra attention especially when you take them with you for a trip or a travel. If you miss any of the essentials of your baby while traveling, the discomfort he would feel will surely get on your nerves.

So if you are planning your first trip with your baby don’t forget to keep the following things in your baby’s bag:

• Carry a big bag as cloth diapers occupy a lot more space than you think it would. Keep at least 2-3 extra diapers when you step out of the home. Well, it also depends on how long you would be out. If you will be out for a long time, prefer keeping at least 6 diapers for the comfort of your baby.

• Instead of carrying numerous plastic bags, carry cloth diaper wet bags. It can save you from many awkward situations which may occur in your friend’s house. Best cloth diaper wet bags are available in nearby stores.

• You should also carry a cloth or disposable wipes to make your baby feel dry and healthy. If you are carrying cloth wipes, then cloth diaper wet bags would help.

• Don’t forget to put diaper-safe cream in your baby’s nappy bag. Prefer using zinc oxide cream for your baby.

• Fold up few liners for your bag, fleece or disposable just to avoid a mess in your bag.

• In the case of any emergency, keep disposable inserts or diapers in your bag.

• Keep hand sanitizer for giving your child a healthy diaper changing experience every time and to keep yourself away from bacteria.

• Do not forget to keep bottles in case of bottle feeding and breast pads in case of breast feeding.

• Tired of his crying? Your baby might be hungry. So if your baby is big enough, don’t forget to keep baby food handy in the bag.

• Little ones are always messy. To create a mess with their food is their favorite job. But to avoid staining of their clothes is a mother’s responsibility. So keep bibs ready for your baby.

• It is very important to keep your baby’s favorite toys in the bag when you take him out. He may leave you clueless about why he is crying? It may definitely because he needs his favorite toy.

• As with any diaper, there may be chances of leaks. So it is recommended to keep extra clothes for your baby.

• Always keep baby tablets in your bag if it is recommended by the doctor for your baby.

Well, these are some of the essentials of utmost importance; you should never forget to keep in your baby’s bag. Now what to put in your cloth diaper bag should not be a question anymore. Have a wonderful trip with your baby. Good luck!

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