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Tips for 14 Year Olds to Get Babysitting Jobs

Who said only an experienced nanny can take care of babies! Kids probably would be able to understand and gel well with babies. They make fantastic professionals for parents and great buddies for babies. Children as young as 14 years too can make great nannies. They are able enough to understand the importance of babysitting, and can very well take care of the child if provided with proper instructions. So, if you are one of the enthusiastic 14 year old boys or girls trying to earn his or her own bread and butter, then babysitting is one of the ideal summer jobs for you.

How to Look for a Job
Looking for a babysitting job is a tedious task, especially for 14 year olds. Being so young, you obviously do not know how to look for a job. But there are simple ways that can help you get good offers.

  • Firstly, you have to contact people in your local area and tell them you are looking forward to a job as a babysitter. If you know any family with small babies in your locality, contact them and tell them that you can provide them with babysitting services. Apart from this, you can tell your parents to refer you to families that have babies. Through more and more networking, it is possible that you can grab a better job for yourself.
  • Secondly, you can get yourself registered with babysitting firms or companies that provide referral services. Once your register with them, you will be referred to families that are in need of babysitters. You may have to pay certain nominal charges to be registered with such companies. It is also advisable to read the conditions and rules before you register with any of them. It will help you avoid legal issues in the future.

Things to Consider Before Saying Yes
The first and foremost thing to consider is whether you really want to take up that job. Go for this job only if you love babies and have the confidence that you can handle them well. Once you make up your mind, you have to undergo some basic training regarding babysitting. There are various babysitting classes and courses that you can enroll yourself in. In such classes, you would be provided with jobs and tips about how to handle babies effectively. You would also be told about various games, arts, and crafts that you can use in order to keep the babies happy and entertained. Apart from this, you would also be provided with information about baby safety, which is one of the most crucial part of this job. You would also be made aware of different diseases and problems that babies are susceptible to. All the training and education would help you take care of babies efficiently.

You also have to decide upon the salary range for the job. Generally, you will be paid on an hourly basis, and you could earn around $12 per hour. If you register with a babysitting service provider, your charges would be kind of fixed, but if you are independent, then probably you can bargain for better deals as per your credentials and skills. You also have to sacrifice your personal social life at times for this job, as parents generally require babysitters during weekends and evenings, which is also the time when you want to unwind or relax. Apart from this, you also have to ask for permission from your parents to take up this job. One important tip is to make a plan to complete your homework and holiday assignments before you take up any job. It is advisable to take up a part-time job during the holidays, so that you also get a chance to enjoy your holidays apart from earning some allowance for yourself.

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