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Newborn Baby Nursing

Newborn nursing is more than just ‘how long’ and ‘how often’. It involves a right understanding and education during the pregnancy. It is for this very reason that a number of maternity homes offer symposiums to help the first time mothers. There are a number of things that need to be considered about newborn nursing to do it right. Given below are some of these.

Respond to the baby’s cry: Baby care includes being sensitive to the infant’s need to be fed. It is very important to be attentive especially during the first few days. Breastfeeding requires more than just physical presence. You need to consider using products that lighten the task at hand. There are specially-designed products like maternity dresses, cribs, and even baby sleeping products.

Pucker the nipple: This is a very important aspect of breastfeeding. A first time mother should be educated on how to hold the baby and develop the right technique. Hold the child close to the breast at the base of the nipple. The whole nipple needs to be coaxed into the baby’s mouth for the best results.

Shift position according to the pull: It is natural to feel a surge of the flow of milk as the infant suckles. However, once one breast is drained, there will be a strong pull felt. Be attentive to this and quickly change the baby’s position to the other breast. The foremilk and hind-milk are both very important for the growth of the child’s brain. Feeding till the baby is satisfied and not till it is asleep is important.

Plan baby nursing sessions: Newborn nursing needs to be planned. Rather than you running every time your infant yells, try training. Infants learn very quickly. Most of the learning takes place during the first few days post birth. Feeding should always be planned according to your own meal times, a little before or after. It is important to pay attention to your own nutritional requirements while nursing.

Drink a lot of water: Another important tip is to drink a lot of water before nursing. This helps a lot. Research reveals a greater milk flow after drinking a glass or two of water. It is also noticed that the mother perspires a lot while breastfeeding. Drinking water will also replenish your own body.

Ensure that the baby burps periodically: It is important to ensure that the child is held up and stroked lightly on the back, with upward strokes. This enables the trapped air to be released and allows better feeding. If not helped to burp regularly, gripes make the baby uncomfortable and very irritable.

Look for other reasons that might make the infant cry: Check the nursery every time your child cries. Wet clothes are a disturbing factor for infants. It is important to also check for, or totally avoid, toys with sharp edges that may be lying around the crib. If the child is hungry, then he/she will ask for it. Babies are known to indicate hunger by sucking movements of the mouth and an instant turn for the breast.

Be attentive to prescribed immunizations: It is very important to pay attention to infant safety while nursing a newborn. Immunizations are planned and prescribed in an order that begins right from the moment the child is born. However, there is always a change in the nursing pattern post immunization. It is important to note that your infant’s discomfort may not always be due to hunger.

Babies respond to every basic body requirement and need just a little initial help. There are many ways to know whether or not the method of nursing is right. It should be as comfortable for the mother as it is for the baby. Symposiums are regularly held to enable doctors to monitor infant nursing and share techniques with first-time mothers.

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