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How To Be A Role Model To Your Kids

Kids need someone to look up to and learn from. Our role as parents is to model the kind of behavior that we would like our kids to adopt. Being a role model takes a closer look on how we live our lives and how it can impact on our kids’ well-being.

We need to be our best because kids easily caught the values we showed. However, it does not mean that we always have to keep other people’s need first rather than our own. We do not want our kids to follow this. We need to show them that we value ourselves. It doesn’t have to be selfish.

We need to be dependable and reliable at all times. When we promise to our kids, we really have to fulfill it instead of letting our work or other obligations come first. Dependability and reliability are not only applicable to our kids but also to our friends, colleagues and everyone else in our lives. We don not want our kids to let other people down by not keeping their promises.

We also need to show what loyalty is to our kids. Showing our kids when to help a friend or a family member in times of need instead of tolerating dependent behavior from other people. As our kids grow older, they want to become independent. When we show we care, they are annoyed with us. But as a parent, we need to make sure that our kids are safe.

However, not all role models in the family are reliable. For example, if one of the parents is showing an aggressive or violent behavior, kids should not be too trusting that this is still a good model to follow. Show them how to have skepticism and how to follow their instinct when the unexpected happens.

When you do something wrong like barking angrily because you are grumpy and hungry, don’t make excuses. Show your kids how grown ups take responsibility for their actions. Admit your actions and accept its consequence by correcting that wrong behavior. Also enforce consequence when your kids do wrong. Although most of us are afraid to enforce rules with our kids but consistency matters. When our kids do something unacceptable, we need to be firm in implementing consequence. Kids thrive to become consistent and reliable, so parents need to be dependable.

So, while they are still growing up, we need to inculcate positive habits to our kids. It’s very difficult to break a bad behavior, the best thing we can do as parents is to model behavior which can positively develop their habits and values.

No matter how old our children are, it’s never too late to model behaviors that we would like them to adopt in order to become responsible and productive individuals in the future.

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