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Best Baby Monitor

Some parents often train their babies to sleep in a separate room from a very young age itself. However, a baby sleeping on her own can certainly make you anxious. Instead of worrying too much about her safety and losing your own sleep over it, you can simply install a baby monitor system in her room. Choosing the best one can be a challenging task, given that there are so many different types of systems available with myriad features.


A baby monitoring system consists of a transmitter, which is installed in a baby’s room, and a receiver, which is either plugged in or is portable. The receiver receives the signal transmitted by the transmitter and generates information about baby’s safety in various ways. Depending upon the signal transmitted and the mode of information generation, these systems can be classified into analog audio, digital audio, mobile audio, mobile video, motion sensor, etc. Analog audio devices are the most primitive ones, which use an analog signal for transmission. Using this system, you will be able to hear your baby’s voices from the other room, on the receiving device. The problem with it, however, is that the signal can be easily interfered with other noises, including a monitoring system in the neighborhood, cordless telephones, etc. As a result, you may be able to hear several other noises.

A digital audio system is more efficient comparatively. The best device in this category uses a DECT technology to reduce the problem of interference. The signal is digital so that you only hear what you intend to hear. Besides, it is compact, portable, and very convenient to use. It can also cover a considerable area in your house, so that you are connected with your baby, even while doing your daily chores. A portable digital audio system is also called mobile audio system. If you wish to see your baby’s actual movements, then a baby monitor with camera and an LCD can be ideal for you. This system is also called mobile video system. This way, you will be able to keep a close eye on your baby while carrying on with your work. Another type, called motion sensor, is designed to detect even the slightest movement of a baby. If no movement is detected for 20 seconds, an alarm goes off, which alerts the parents regarding baby’s safety. This system is useful for parents who are concerned about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Popular Brands

There are certain factors that you should consider before buying it. First thing is that take into account the size of your house. If you have too big a house, you would be better off with a system that is capable of transmitting signal over a large area. A small apartment can do with any of the aforementioned systems. If you wish to monitor your twins, it would make sense to invest in a video system, so that both the babies are within the camera range. Other features to consider are rechargeable batteries, battery life, ability to reduce noise, and technology. Depending upon all these factors, following is a list of popular brands selling such products:

  • Angelcare
  • Evenflo (Whisper Connect)
  • Fisher Price
  • Graco
  • Imonitor (digital Baby Monitor)
  • Philips (DECT Baby Monitor)
  • Safety 1st

Currently, there is no device as such that can best take care of all your concerns. Nonetheless, the above-mentioned ones can provide satisfactory service for your money.

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