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Babysitting Jobs for 13 Year Olds

Finally. Finally you’re a teen and you can take up the opportunity to earn some money for yourself without having to go to the parents all the time. Someone suggested you get a babysitting job, did they? But you know nothing about babysitting jobs that pay. Also, what is one supposed to do at that job exactly? All you know is that you are supposed to care for the kids that you’re babysitting for. But what else? How does one go about getting a babysitting job and what are the things required to ace at that job? These and more of where these queries came from, will be looked into in the following article. Let’s go ahead and get your queries answered, shall we?

Babysitting Tips

Babysitting is probably one of the easiest ways for teens to make money, did you know? Who should look into taking up this job? Teens who have an affinity for kids, who love being around them, and are able to take care of them in a tense situation are perfect candidates for the same. What else does one need to know about babysitting jobs for 13 year olds? The following are some pointers.

The Training
There are some people who are naturally trained for babysitting. Maybe in the way they’ve been caring for younger siblings, cousins, or the neighbor’s kids. They have the necessary skills required to look after kids and are capable of handling a situation where kids are involved. What if you don’t have any experience or what if you want to increase your chances of landing a job by taking formal training? That’s actually a great option to look into. Red cross offers babysitting classes for 13 year olds which helps them understand what it means to care for kids well. At the end of the course, the kids are given a certificate. So if there is ever any doubt, you can always back your offer with proper credentials.

How does one go about getting these jobs? One needs to tap into all the options. Spread the word in your neighborhood or school or via your parents that you are available for the same. You can also make flyers and stick these in the neighborhood or your school bulletin board. Giving an ad in the classifieds is also known to work wonders. Along with giving an ad, you can have a template prepared with your basic info and contact details and a brief write up of the duties that you can take up as well as the rates you will charge.

Meeting the Parents
Let’s say the parents contact you and want to interview you before they hire you, how are you to prepare yourself before you go there? Be honest and straightforward and don’t be afraid to get your doubts cleared. If the parents don’t volunteer any information, make sure that you ask them for any specific information about the kid, like if he has allergies and the like, as well as find out about the ground rules of the house, like the kid is not allowed to watch TV after 9 pm. Another very, very important factor that needs to be kept in mind is that if you don’t know the couple that you’re babysitting for, then you need to do a background check. And don’t think twice before taking someone older with you for the interview.

When at the Job
The point is that every kid is different and no matter how good you are with the kids, there will be times that you will be faced with a tough situation. But keep your cool. The basic job of a babysitter is to feed, change and care for the kid. It might also involve changing or bathing the kid. But that depends on the specific job. Keep in mind that you have to follow the rules―so if the kid has to be in bed by 9 pm, he just has to. Don’t go about relaxing the rules. What is seen to really help is if you have a whole load of activities planned for the kid. Carry with you things that you think the kid will enjoy (according to their age) activity books, blocks, animated films, telling stories, and the like will help to keep the kid entertained and out of mischief. Always take a set of emergency numbers from the parents so that in case there is an emergency, you know what to do. And most importantly, don’t look at it as a job that needs to be done with. Think of it as spending time with the kid and you’ll find it easier to connect and bond, which will get the kid to like you and hence cooperate more.

Babysitting jobs for 13 year olds will come by easily if you know where to look. And now that you have some important tips for handling the situation, you can approach a job with more confidence and greater appeal.

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