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A Unique Nanny Cam

So, you think someone is stealing from you, or cheating on you. Maybe you fear a trusted person is mistreating your child in your very own home. You don’t have to be in the dark any longer and you can secure your home with the new crop of hidden video cameras available on the web. Now you can catch the culprit in the act and have the proof of their crime at your fingertips. These days there is no need to elaborately camouflage cameras in your home. Recording video cameras can be purchased hidden in teddy bears, iPod docking stations, plants and even, my favorite, – a water bottle.

Hidden in plain sight

There would seem to be no camera more covert than one hidden in a water bottle. An object so common, which most of us carry around every day, attracts little attention. It can be casually placed down or carefully positioned, all the while ready to record any action in sight. Detection is not a worry as the bottle has water above and below the camera/recording device hidden in the middle section behind the label. A pinhole camera lens on the label can barely be seen, even when you know to look for it.

Record it all

The technology is amazing. The hidden camera is motion activated and the device can record up to 64gb of video onto a micro SD memory card. This card can be plugged into a computer and viewed. Thirty minutes of video takes up about 1gb of memory. That’s 32 hours of recording. Even though the standard lithium polymer battery has only a 10 hour life, a 30 hour battery can be purchased for an upgrade. All of this can be accessed as easily as twisting the bottle into 3 sections. A tiny micro sized remote lets you control the action after the bottle is placed-whether you want motion activated or continuous recording. An AC adapter charges the camera’s battery and a USB cable lets you view the video on the SD card without even removing it from the bottle.

So are hidden cameras legal?

In general, in the United States, you can record a person with a hidden video camera in your home without their consent. There are no firm laws in place at the federal level, but some states have their own take on the situation. This is only for video recordings. Audio is a different matter. Almost all states have a law against surreptitiously recording a conversation. But video is not so restricted. To check the laws in your state go to State Guide

Is it right?

Of course even where legal, there arise personal privacy issues. Bathrooms are certainly a place where a hidden camera is illegal (as well as the bedroom where a live-in employee resides). Then one must be aware that in most states in the US it is illegal to record a video for the purposes of blackmail or ‘malicious intent’. Aside from this, public places such as stores, restaurants, parks and even beaches are fair game for the stealth recorder. Of course know that it is never legal to place a hidden camera in another’s home, even if your child is cared for there.

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