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3 Signs That Your Child Is Ready for Potty Training

If you’re like me, then after a year or two of using diapers, you are so ready for your child to be potty trained! But is your child ready? Read on to see if your child is exhibiting one of these 3 signs that your child is ready for potty training.

Tells You About Her Bodily Activities

One sign is that your child begins to tell you about her pee pee and poo poo activities. Before, she would just go. But now, she begins to tell you either right before she has to go, as she’s going, or right after she’s gone. You’ll see an awareness of her body’s functions. She might also get into position as she goes.

She might say, Mom, Dad, I’m going pee pee or I’m pooping. Or she’ll come to you right after and say Mom, Dad, I went pee pee/poo poo.

He Begins to Ask for Diaper Changes

As your child gets ready for potty training, your child will begin to show a dislike for dirty diapers. He might come up to you shorty after he’s gone and tell you that he did it and then ask for a new diaper. He won’t feel comfortable and he notices it.

He’ll come to you as soon as he’s done and he may point or say Mom, Dad, dirty diaper. Or he might just come up to you with diaper and wipe in hand.

She Practices With You

If you’ve already gotten all your potty training equipment such as a potty training chair, your child may begin to imitate you when you go. She might sit down on her own potty while you go. She may not actually go while she is sitting there with you, but you can definitely tell that she has an interest in going potty on the potty.

She’ll stick to you like glue every time you go potty. She’ll ask questions and she may want to sit on the big potty. She may not sit on it very long, but she’ll still ask. The first time, she may jump off right away, but as she practice more with your, you’ll see her get more and more comfortable with the big potty.

But Be Careful

But, you do have to be careful, some children show signs that they are ready for potty training, but they really aren’t ready. If you try with these children, then you could be doing more harm and keeping them from being potty trained.

I’ve recently successfully potty trained my oldest in just a few days. She was ready and she exhibiting all three of these signs and more. To help other parents, I’ve written up this list that lists 6 signs of potty training readiness along with a 3 day guide for both girls and boys.

Each child is different, but I hope to give parents like you a good starting point to go from.

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